Friday, 6 February 2009


Ok so the new Thea site is live and so is the new SYBD site...It's scaled-right-down, and will take a while to build-back-up, but all is right with the world.

I won't be updating the blogger blogs much so you really need to find me at the other two (above) sites. Ok? Ok!

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Sunday, 25 January 2009



I've a new blog live in action now - at There you'll see that I am poised to return to Scotland's airwaves soon! I'll be spreading the love of the Late Night variety and I'm looking for your input - what's your favorite love song of all time? Can you pick just one? Please tell me. Soon! I'm taking a poll!

Happy Burns Night to all my Scottish chums!

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Friday, 16 January 2009



So I had a dream this morning that I was in a plane (or helicopter) - I don't really know which as I was "inside" the whole time. I recall talking about the munchskin's birthday (which, in the dream, was coming up),...with a girlfriend of mine (no idea who she was but we were close)...and we took a nose dive into the water.

I knew we were "going down" and I grabbed the hand of my good friend I loved her and then expecting the impact, the vessel literally disappeared, we hit the water and,...we were fine.

Colour us surprised to say the least - that we'd cheated death as it were.

So imagine my further surprise when I log on to chat to my real good friend N - when I got up this morning - told her of my dream and then she asks if I've seen the news, which I hadn't.

Switched on the news and low and behold a plane crashed into the Hudson and everyone survives. How odd. How connected we all are.


The news footage on CNN is incredibly amazing. Seeing the footage of the passengers on the wings is actually heart-warming. 81 TONNES gliding onto the Hudson...From the moment I switched on the TV I could see the "made for TV" movie of this. Mark my words, within six months - this will be a "made for television movie". Some researcher is working on that right now...

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Thursday, 15 January 2009


...Remember that song from Stephen Tin Tin Duffy?? Och, nevermind.

Anyway, I've been stuck on the sofa all day with a sore head (not a migraine - more a dull pain) that's lasted for many days now,...but tonight a little bit of relief comes from Drew Barrymore's "Never Been Kissed" - and especially the eye candy in the shame of one, mister Michael Vartan. *rroww rroowww*


Yesterday morning, I saw a press show for the new film FROST NIXON which was fantastic. It was so compelling and well-acted. I liked it way better than SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and BEDTIME STORIES which I saw last Friday. In the near future, I hope to catch THE WRESTLER, Sean Penn's MILK and Will Smith's SEVEN POUNDS (here's the trailer on the Tube of the You variety).


I went to bed at 11pm last night (which is very early for me) and didn't get out of bed for twelve hours and yet still I don't feel great. All my chums have persuaded me to call the doctors tomorrow (or maybe I should wait until Monday). I'll see how I feel. It totally bites being plagued by colds, headaches, or flu or what have you but I am trying to find the positives (like I attempt to do in every situation):

1) I've not spent a penny today. That's always a +.
2) My appetite is low - so maybe I'll lose a pound or two (always a +)
3) Getting some research / work done on the sofa...
4) Wrapped up on a cosy knitted blanket - I am not forced to face the baltic elements!
5) I don't feel guilty sitting and watching TV (Joan of Arcadia, Jason Ritter's new sitcom, The Class, a variety of films etc)
6) Last night, I finally managed to watch a DVD my dad sent me some time last Autumn!
7) And best of all, I've managed to catch up on a ton of threads on (I've been really falling behind for the past few months!)
8) I've been updating my many blogs - and researching other blogging platforms with a view to move mine...

Well back to this classic high school film...and of course Mr Vartan! :)

The thing about this film is that it reminds me how challenging school could be, and how deep down, we're all just older versions of our high school selves...No matter how much we change, how successful we become, how far from home we move, there's a part of us that is still that nerd, geek, jock, brain, burn-out etc - that we primarily were in our high school days.

Well that's my theory anyway. Take it or leave it. I am off to see if Ice Cream cures headaches...Wish me luck ;)

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Tuesday, 13 January 2009



I came across a good article today about PROSPERITY written by Steve Nobel. It's called 14 Ideas to Create Prosperity. Some really great points made in his article, I think you'll agree...

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